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FOR ADVERTISING, INDUSTRIAL, FILM and VIDEO PROFESSIONALS ONLY We offer a "demo viewing set" that includes hundreds of film and video clips on 4 VHS tapes. All clips have a centered running timecode window for protection, as well as providing a tool for pre-spotting and/or logging. The set is free and yours to keep. To access this library we require the following:
1. Your name and title 2. Your company name 3. A physical shipping address (no PO box numbers) 4. A contact day-time phone number 5. The name and account number of your courier service (eg. Fedex, Airborne, Emery, etc.)
Call us now at... 520-298-4810 We are on Mountain Standard Time. If you access The Source answering service, please leave your name and number. We guarantee same-day response (excepting weekends). Or e-mail us now... WITH ALL THE NECESSARY INFORMATION Don French ( We'll reply for confirmation!